CBD Oil NZ – What You Didn’t Know

Health is never permanent but CBD oil can benefit the bodies of New Zealand’s residents.

Most people in NZ are in their best shape in their younger years and their health begins to deteriorate as they age and goes past their prime.

CBD oil & hemp extracts can change all of this, though.

Cannabis is a great plant and many kiwis are learning why it is such a great thing to consume.

Cannabidiol is a compound that can really help to improve vitality past the normal “youth” years.

It is the norm for most people but there are also instances when people aren’t always at their peak even at a young age. Some are diagnosed early on with conditions that leave them with bothersome and at times debilitating conditions that make living doubly hard.

Examples of such a condition are heart diseases that affect both the young and old. Conditions affecting the heart are so plenty and vary in degree of severity. Some can have a heart condition and still feel and act normal while some have very limited activities they can engage to.

CBD oil is being studied in New Zealand to see how it affects the heart.

Cannabinoids and terpenes found in cannabis have always been thought to be very beneficial to many different body systems.

NZ researchers near Wellington and Auckland(and also Christchurch) have found that the hemp-derived terpenes commonly found in many CBD oil tinctures may have huge benefits for various things.

cannabis for extraction

It is also often referred to as cardiovascular disease that usually pertains to any conditions involving the heart. They can be genetic or a congenital anomaly or acquired through an unhealthy lifestyle, which is the main reason why more and more people are getting diagnosed with cardiac conditions at a young age.

New Zealand Studies Cannabidiol For Heart Disease

Wellington-based research teams are currently testing CBD oil to see if it works to prevent or help the symptoms of heart disease.

The common symptoms of heart disease are:

• Chest pain, tightness, or any form of discomfort in the chest area
• Pain, numbness or weakness in the affected extremity
• Neck, jaw, and throat pain that radiates to the upper abdomen and the back

You may also feel the following symptoms associated with irregular heartbeats:
• Increased/Decreased/Irregular heartbeats
• Chest pain or discomfort
• Fluttering in the chest
• Dizziness and lightheadedness
• Shortness of breath
• Fainting or near fainting

Having these symptoms and other symptoms associated with heart disease such as fatigue, edema (or swelling of the extremities), breathlessness, pale gray or blue skin, etc. should not be taken lightly. One should consult their doctor as soon as possible to prevent potential complications.

It is not yet clear to what extent CBD oil will help people with heart disease but hemp and cannabis do look promising in this area.

Since some people are just born with heart defects, treatment varies and some only offer palliative relief from symptoms. However, medical developments over recent decades have pointed to medical cannabis and its potential as an excellent treatment for heart disease.

The folks over at nih.gov have been studying CBD to see whether or not the cardiovascular system is a target for it.


CBD oil for heart disease is possible. A kiwi must first know, though, the type of heart condition he/she has but people are loving the idea that they can get over the many symptoms of their heart disease and they are also able to live normally once more using a natural remedy that has been around for ages. One of the reasons why they like CBD for heart disease is the fact that it has relatively no side effects compared to conventional prescription heart medications. Over the years, marijuana has been able to redeem itself and it’s no longer considered quite a taboo topic that it once was. It is not even referred to as marijuana anymore but as cannabis in reference to the actual plant where it is taken from.

You are also now aware that there are two main types of cannabis:

• Recreational Cannabis – rich in THC or tetrahydrocannabinol; has mind-altering properties and is habit-forming
• Medical Cannabis – rich in CBD or cannabidiol; does not contain any psychoactive properties and is not addicting but contains all the beneficial properties that THC also have

There are a lot of testimonials from New Zealand users saying that the use of CBD or CBD oil has helped them resolve their hypertension and heart failure. There are plenty of other anecdotal evidence supporting CBD’s beneficial properties when it comes to making the heart well and healthy again.

CBD is not yet approved in NZ as a therapeutic drug but it is now prescribed by doctors for a lot of ailments and is proving to be a success.

cbd oil in new zealand nz

Buy CBD Oil In NZ

Purchasing this amazing compound is not complicated but you want to do your research before you hit any of New Zealand’s stores to find a cannabis or hemp-derived CBD extract.

The cannabidiol inside some of the liquids that are currently out there is not the best quality because it is “synthetic” instead of “natural”.

You really want to use an NZ company like Sun CBD that uses medical marijuana to make it so it ends up being a “plant-derived” CBD oil that has a full-spectrum all-natural cannabinoid profile.

medical marijuana

Of course, you must always keep your eye out for various scammers that are trying to sell you something that is really not that great.

The amount of different cannabis and hemp products currently on the market is staggering, which is a good thing, but many of them are not super high-quality when it comes to the actual CBD compound inside of them.

100% organic products are always the best and this is what Sun CBD currently offers.

If you go into any natural health supplement store in Wellington you will probably see cannabidiol products but they are probably low-quality(which is why you need to buy online).

How to Use CBD

There are different ways to use CBD. Here are some of the ways you can administer it to manage heart disease:

• Oral – the most common and convenient method of taking CBD. You can use from the many CBD edibles and other oral preparations that are all over the market nowadays. From oral meds to candies, gummies, to cookies etc. you can take your pick and enjoy all the CBD goodness that is good for your body, most especially your heart.
• Topical – another convenient way of applying CBD and is ideal for various pains and aches you feel from rheumatoid arthritis or chronic pain. It can be in the form of a lotion, tincture, or salve that gets directly to the bloodstream and reduce the pain sooner than what most oral pain relievers can offer.
• Transdermal – another way to have CBD without having it stay too long in your body is to use a transdermal preparation. CBD is directly absorbed on the skin and circulates in the bloodstream where it can be made useful by the body to address whatever heart problem you have.
• Suppository – get rid of hemorrhoids with the help of CBD oil.

CBD Oil’s Benefits

A lot of people in New Zealand use CBD oil for general inflammation purposes but it also has benefits on the cardiovascular system.

Aside from the general benefits you can get from CBD such as pain relief, anti-inflammatory, anxiety relief, reduces nausea and vomiting, promote restful sleep, boosts the immune system, antibacterial and anti-cancer properties, CBD oil benefits the heart the most by reducing the risk of an arterial blockage.

CBD oil has vasorelaxant properties that reduces the tension on the arterial walls as well as reduce vascular pressure and elicit vasodilator properties. Despite the rise in popularity of CBD, it still needs further research and clinical studies to prove that it is good for heart health and overall human health to also help it acquire US FDA approval that it still lacks until now.

Consult your NZ doctor first if you intend to include CBD oil in your medical management for heart disease because not all doctors are pro medical cannabis. Also, there may be certain drug interactions with your existing medications that need to be considered before starting on a CBD medical management. Aside from that, patients are also advised to make certain lifestyle modifications to reduce symptoms and help their bodies cope and recover from the pains, risks, and woes of heart disease sooner. You can now free yourself from the constant threat of this silent killer without putting too much of a strain on your health and body using a remedy that is as natural as it can get.

CBD oil is becoming really popular in New Zealand and it is obvious why: the benefits are simply real.

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How CBD Oil Treats Multiple Sclerosis

What is multiple sclerosis?

This is a condition that adversely affects the brain and the central nervous system. Women are more susceptible to the condition compared to men. It is more common to people aged between 15 to 60 years. The symptoms associated with the disease varies from one person to another depending on the body nerves that are affected. The late stage of the disease may cause total body paralysis. The disease has no cure but the management is aimed at prevent further deterioration.

The symptoms of the disease include:

  • partial or permanent visual impairment- occurs to one eye at a time
  • sharp pains in various parts of the body
  • Baber chair symptoms where sudden sensations travel from neck to the spine.
  • Prolonged Increased body fatigue
  • Dizziness
  • Numbness
  • Mood swings
  • Bladder disfunction and pains in the bowel
  • Dysarthria which leads to slow speech
  • Unstable walking style

cbd oil and ms

Why CBD Helps Multiple Sclerosis So Much

The cause of the disease is unknown. This is why so many people have been using cbd oil for multiple sclerosis. However, researchers link the cause condition to the immune system attacking central nervous system. The immune system is said to destroy myelin which is the enclosing safety cover of the nerves fiber ensuring a seamless communication between the brain and other parts of the body. This condition causes the nerves to be weak and can cause permanent damage. Certain factors accelerate the risk of one getting infected, among them include:

  • Smoking- smokers exhibit more chances of getting the disease.
  • Climatic condition- the disease is more common in countries where climate is temperate like New Zealand, Canada, south eastern Australia and Europe.
  • Demography-It is common to people from northern Europe and rare to people in Africa and Asia.
  • Certain viruses accelerate the likelihood of one getting infected like the Epstein-Barr virus.
  • Genealogical history- more prevalent to families with history of the infection
  • Immune disorders- people with immune system disorders have a high chance of contracting multiple sclerosis. such disorders include thyroid diseases.

All causes are not known, however.

All About CBD Oil

Within the rapidly growing cannabis industry, a new line of product seems to be rising in its midst. Cannabidiol (CBD) oil is swiftly rising in popularity and people everywhere are dropping it in their tea, loading it in vape pens and even swallowing it as capsules. And though the product is extracted from marijuana plants, it doesn’t have any psychoactive effects – and it won’t make you high.

But what exactly is CBD oil?

CBD oil is extracted from the resin glands of the marijuana (cannabis) flowers or buds. Unlike other marijuana products, this oil has a low concentration of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), a chemical compound that makes you high. That means you can reap all the benefits of medical marijuana, without getting high or psychotic.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the 80+ cannabinoids available in the marijuana plant and is the second most significant cannabinoid in cannabis after THC. However, there are only a few traces of THC in hemp, making CBD the most dominant cannabinoid in this plant.

Industrial CBD oil is extracted from hemp, a fibrous type of cannabis plant with small buds and a low concentration of THC. This plant has about 0.3% or less concentration of THC, typically not enough to get you stoned or altering the sober state of your mind. The oil is can be diluted with other types of oils to change the concentration, depending on the intended use or the expected benefits.

How CBD Oil Works

Though many people don’t know it, the human body produces its own cannabinoids and it has two main receptors to allow you receive their benefits. These receptors are known as the CB1 and the CB2 receptors, making up the endocannabinoid system. The Cannabinoids in CBD oil attach themselves to these receptors, allowing you to receive all their benefits.

The CB1 receptors can be found all over your body, but they are highly concentrated in your brains. These receptors in your brain deal with pain, coordination and movement, memories, appetite, emotions, and mood. THC also attaches itself to these receptors to make you high.

On the other hand, the CB2 receptors can be found all over in your immune system. They effectively deal with pain and inflammation. Cannabidiol (CBD) attaches itself to these receptors and allows your body to receive a wide range of benefits, depending on its concentration.

Though CBD attaches itself to the CB2 receptors, it doesn’t directly act on them. Instead, it influences your body to naturally use its own cannabinoids in treating different ailments in your body. That makes CBD oil safer and a less controversial alternative to other medical marijuana products.

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