Take advantage of this easy-to-use application that provides a template for creating an on-line newsletter or website. The WebPress System allows a user with minimal computer skills and little or no web publishing skills to easily publish active content to the Internet in an attractive manner.

We already have specialized webpress products for churches, real estate agencies, clubs, etc. We are in the process of making webpress fit YOUR needs in what ever area that you want. To contact us about our WebPress product call Jim or Arnie at 870-930-9056 or email Jim Martin at jmartin@isiar.net or Arnie Birmingham.

Tools and Processes

Our staff is trained in the latest software techniques and is equipped with an arsenal of the best software development tools including Visual BASIC, C/C++, and SQL. Our team also has experience in software development processes that help ensure your projects will be on schedule and under budget.

Selecting the right tool for the software project is critical to success. If a programmer is familiar with only one tool, it can lead to software not suited for the purpose, hard to maintain, or error prone. Our software development team has a wide breadth of experience including: C/C++, Visual BASIC, PHP3, JavaScript, SQL, PERL, FORTRAN, etc. Instead of locking you into a solution based on a single programmer’s experience, we offer the solution which best fits your business needs.

Key to keeping software costs down is the implementation of software processes and controls. At Internet Solutions, our software processes are being refined based on industry standard development methods. These methods help ensure that the end product is solid and suitable for your business.

While you may not be familiar with the computer jargon associated with software development, it is our job to ensure that we deliver the best solutions for your business. We take that responsibility seriously and continue to train our staff and evaluate the latest technology to give you the service you deserve.