The Importance of Knowing the U.S History

feature-2Even if your are not an american, or just a simple american who’s not interested in U.S History you may still consider thinking and believing that one way or another you are still in need of knowing the United States History not just to feed your mind but also to ensure that you won’t repeat the errors of the past or learned from their mistakes and success. Read More→

Interesting Decisions that Decided the Fate of U.S History

feature-1They say “It’s water under the bridge”, same as saying never mind, forget it, etc… but have you thought the interesting decisions in the U.S historr? had U.S didn’t purchase Philippines and Cuba under the treaty of Paris, would spain be able to become a superpower in the pacific? Would the Allies won the World War II if U.S didn’t join the war? there are major decisions made by great leaders that have decided the fate of what we are today…

Some What Ifs on The Events of U.S History

feature-3Have you thought of this? what if then General George Washington lose the war? What if Paul Revere’s warnings didn’t come at all? what could have happened if Louisiana wasn’t purchased? let Us take a deep look at the important events in U.S history and see what could have altered in case it was changed…. Read More→