Samsung U28E590D vs Asus PB287Q 4k Monitor Comparison


Finding the best monitor depends upon a few different factors. The intended use, the size that is preferred, any budgetary concerns and special features that may be required are all considerations that should be made prior to purchase. Here is a review and comparison of the Samsung U28E590D vs Asus PB287Q 4k Monitors. This information is intended to help you more easily select the monitor that will most closely suit your needs and preferences.

Samsung U28E590D Monitor

This monitor delivers an array of features and functitons which make it an excellent choice for a variety of multi tasking settings. This unit provides maximum 4K game responsiveness with excellence in grey on grey response time for high action gaming experience. The screen size is 28 inches for large display. Great color quality in both sRGB and Adobe RGB ranges that run the gamut in color options to provide for truer values in images and other visual experiences. Freesync technology and design that matches refresh rates with lower input lag and maximum responsiveness for gaming. LED screen lighting with Nvidia G Sync for enhanced monitor and graphics card processing for smoother display. The features Picture in Picture technology allows for side by side screen shots for multi tasking. Flicker free backlighting that reduces eye strain and fatigue. You can find a more detailed review of the Samsung U28E590D here.

Pricing of $487.00 on average.


This monitor has a few issues with the viewing angles. When compared with IPS technology, the results are not as good, but are still acceptable. There are no USB ports, which could be an inconvenience, but the monitor does use HDMI 2.0 and Display Port 1.2. The brightness is good, but could be improved.


Asus PB287Q

This affordable 4k monitor is not the perfect unit, but it is powerful and effective. The images which are produced are of high quality. Great for anyone involved in videography or photography. The average price is around $468.00, which isn’t bad at all. This monitor features a 3840 x 2160 UHD resolution screen packed with 157 p iin a 28 inch screen. Crisp and clear images with over a billion colors in the gamut for truer image representation. Great for gaming because of the 1 ms GTG response time and the 60 Hz refresh rate for maximum speed during game play. 19:9 ration for the delivery of 8 million pixels for high end graphics quality. Perfect for either professional or personal use. The contrast ratio is superb and makes photos and images appear very realistic as though you could reach out and touch them.

There are monitors out there which do a lot more than this one, but it delivers high on image quality and color representation.

Final comparison

Each of these 4k monitors come with a common thread and that is the price. They are both reasonably priced and have large screens. The Asus is likely to be the best choice for the person who has a need for the best possible image and graphics representation. It is also a the best choice when a monitor for gaming is needed. The Samsung would be the better choice for anyone who has a need for a multi tasking environment which would be enhanced by the Picture in Picture feature with multiple screen use simultaneously.

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